ALL NATIONS ALL AGES ALL WELCOME! Sunday Worship at 8:30am, 9:30am & 11:00am

Church Reopening Plans

latest updates as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic


God has blessed us for 13-weeks in a row to be able to gather outside for Drive-In Worship. Beginning Sunday, August 2, we will safely move back into our sanctuary with three service times, 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM.

Meeting in the sanctuary will provide plenty of space to spread out to ensure safe distancing, and there will be overflow with video in our lower level Fellowship Hall. Masks are recommended. The lobby doors will be left open the entire morning. While there will be no nursery, the four sanctuary classrooms will be available, first come first serve, for one family with small children per room. Later in August we will be offering children’s worship for elementary school children.

We as a church family love and respect each other. Thank you for your patience with all the decisions related to safe gathering. God has been with us these past several months, and we are confident that he will lead us forward.

If you have any prayer needs or congregational needs please email to let us know how we can support you. Perhaps you recently lost your job, need things delivered, or need to talk to a pastor or elder. We love you and are here for you.

Kids Ministry

Procedures and Safety Protocol for Reopening

Setup for Safety

·       Remove all soft toys and other items not easily cleaned

·       Deep clean and sanitize all toys and large play items in nursery rooms

·       Hands‐on training and walkthrough with nursery staff and volunteers prior to reopening

Family Check‐In/Pick‐up Procedures

·       Every child must be checked‐in by a parent at the new registration area

·       Only Children’s Ministry registration staff will check children in on the computers

·       Ask child basic health questions (ie. how are you feeling today?) and ask parent basic health

·       questions about everyone living in their home (ie. Is anyone feeling sick or have a temperature

·       in your household?)

·       Check temperature if child does not look well or just at random (must be below 100)

·       Masks encouraged

·       Parents will not be allowed past the registration area

·       Children will sanitize hands before entering their room

·       Nursery room clipboard information will be collected by registration staff

·       Parents will sign a COVID‐19 Disclosure and Agreement form

·       Every child must be picked‐up by a parent from the new registration area – parents will not be

·       allowed past the registration area

Classroom Procedures

·       No snacks or water cups allowed in rooms

·       Parents asked to feed children before dropping off

·       Water fountains will be closed

·       Only 1 child in a bathroom at a time

·       Provide individual bags or crayons or markers labeled with child’s name

·       Kids spaced out per table (4 kids maximum per table & no child directly facing another child)

·       Masks encouraged

·       Children’s workers will periodically wipe down handles, countertops, surfaces within

·       classroom

·       Between each kids bathroom use in nursery rooms – wipe handles, faucet, sink, toilet flusher

·       Children’s workers will collect all toys, books, and craft supplies that were used or touched and

·        put in a basket to be sanitized before next use