Fred Hartley, III
Fred Hartley, IIISenior Pastor
Fred Hartley is Lead Pastor of Lilburn Alliance Church in Metro Atlanta where he and his wife Sherry have served since 1988. Fred and Sherry both graduated from Wheaton College. Fred received his graduate degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He and Sherry have four children and 10 grandchildren. Fred’s father, Al Hartley, was a professional cartoonist illustrating “Archie” comics.

Fred has authored 19 books including Everything by Prayer, Prayer on Fire, and his brand new book, God on Fire.

Fred is also President of the College of Prayer International with over 225 campuses worldwide serving over 100,000 students. For fun he enjoys running, riding his motorcycle, and a very mediocre game of golf.

Stephen A. Hartley
Stephen A. HartleyAssociate Pastor
Stephen Hartley grew up in Lilburn Alliance Church. He graduated in 2009 from Wheaton College where he met his wife, Emily. After graduating, he worked for the College of Prayer before attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he received his Master of Divinity. He and his wife two children – Hannah and Samuel.

Stephen moved to Lilburn when he was only two years old when his father, Fred Hartley III, became the lead pastor. In this church, Stephen learned to follow Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. He received Jesus at an early age. Since then, he has found the words that Jesus spoke in John 10:10 to be true. “The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. But, I have come to give life, life abundantly!” As Stephen has followed Jesus, he has experienced the fullness of life that Jesus offers in every aspect and season. He enjoys reading, competing in nearly any sport, spending time with his wife and daughter, and serving the Lord as Pastor. Life is not always easy, but through the difficult times, Jesus brings hope, joy and purpose.

Rev. James Hatcher
Rev. James HatcherPastor of Students and Missions
I love the hilarious moments of student ministry, and believe me, there are plenty. Even more, I love teaching our teens the authority that they have in God’s Word. We teach the Word, pray the Word and live the Word. There is nothing greater than when the light goes on for a student and they discover their authority in Jesus and their unique voice in prayer. It translates to confidence in the classroom, leadership among peers, and boldness to share their faith. In Alliance Youth, every student has a role, even if they don’t know what it is yet. No one is meant for the sidelines when it comes to advancing the kingdom. It’s my goal to coach them, to pull them off the bench and get them in the game!
Don Thomas
Don ThomasPastor
From childhood, Donn Thomas has had a deep love and calling to lead people into the presence of God through worship. Donn’s gifts are widespread and his teaching, preaching, lecturing and worship-leading has carried him to many countries of the world, including the Americas, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Scandinavian countries, New Zealand, Australia and several African countries like South Africa and Kenya; but in all of this, Donn is simply grateful, grateful to be alive and to be able to give his gifts and talents back to God, who raised him and sustains him.
Yodahe Getachew
Yodahe GetachewMiddle School Ministry Director
My name is Yodahe Getachew. Most people call me Yoda! I am a 21 years old. I love music, adventure, and PB&J sandwiches. I grew up here at Lilburn Alliance Church and graduated from Parkview High School. I was mentored and poured into by many wise men and women that believed in me and my potential to be a powerful leader in the kingdom. I plan to do the same to any youth or anybody I encounter.