The flags around our sanctuary represent more to us than just pieces of cloth. Each one represents our mission. Every Sunday people gather at


You will be greeted by genuine people. You can find all sorts of useful information inside the main lobby. There will be ushers to welcome you and help you find a seat. During our Worship you will have opportunity to meet God in what we call "The Garden of Prayer." Those who want to pray alone may kneel at the front. Those who would like to have someone pray with them should sit on the front row. Whether you remain at your seat or come to the front, we encourage everyone to take this time to meet God.


The River is our worship-based prayer rally on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. However, this is like no Wednesday night prayer meeting you have ever been to! With no regular agenda, members and visitors alike gather to seek the manifest Presence of God through worship, prayer, and the reading of Scriptures. This is our equipping time for worship-based-prayer and ministry to those who need healing, or with special needs and requests.Come and join us! You will be blessed.


Listen to weekly messages, uploaded every Sunday night. Fred Hartley is Lead Pastor of Lilburn Alliance Church in Metro Atlanta where he and his wife Sherry have served since 1988. Fred and Sherry both graduated from Wheaton College. Fred received his graduate degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He and Sherry have four children and 10 grandchildren. Fred’s father, Al Hartley, was a professional cartoonist illustrating “Archie” comics.


Imagine raising kids who can meet the challenges of their generation and be leaders of hope because of their wholehearted following after Jesus. Think of a place where children have so much fun learning about how Awesome God is that they don’t want to miss a single time of meeting together.

20 Somethings

Come and hang out with young adults every Thursday night. Learn to make life choices in meaningful community where you will develop lasting friendships with people like you.


Each time a LIFEGroup meets it allows opportunity to welcome the revealed Presence of the Living God in an "Upper Room"(Acts 1) environment creating “close fellowship”(Genesis 6:9 NLT) between the Creator and the created. This encounter is transformational and activates the believer to take others to encounter the Presence and Fullness of Christ.