Lead Pastor Report
Fred Hartley, Lead Pastor
February 14, 2015



“Our vision as a people of the Word and the Spirit
is to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ as a house of prayer –
pursuing God in passionate prayer and authentic worship, as a transformation center –
nurturing people towards maturity and equipping them for ministry, and as a mission of blessing –
sending empowered people to bring hope to Lilburn and to the world.”    LAC Vision Statement

 “Taking seekers into the fullness of Christ”
LAC Mission Statement


4 Chair Tools for 4 Chair Disciple-making

It is a new day in Lilburn. I hope you can feel it.

The thing that gets me most excited and eager to get out of bed every morning is not only watching God set my fellow pastors and church leaders on fire with a passion to make 4-Chair disciples, but it is now having an effective 4 Chair Toolbox with life-giving resources that we can offer everyone who wants to grow in Christ.

I am pleased to announce that Stephen Hartley is in conversation with Dann Spader, author of 4 Chair Disciple-making. We are hopeful that Dann can lead our Discipleship Bootcamp early this fall. He has been a tremendous help as we are in the process of assembling our 4-Chair Tools. See “The 4-Chair Toolbox” below.


Several of us have begun gender-specific disciple-making groups that meet every week utilizing these tools in conjunction with LIFEGroups and specifically with Leaders-In-Training. Praise the Lord! This is exciting. See the Men’s Mentoring Group commitment sheet below.




Be courageous!
Fred Hartley