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Alliance Youth

Explore the ministry opportunities for your Youth at Lilburn Alliance Church

Alliance Youth

Students thrive at Lilburn Alliance Church.

We equip students to engage with God, to engage with each other, and to engage with the world around them. Middle and high school students meet for interactive, equipping Sunday School at 930AM on Sunday mornings. We meet on Wednesday nights from 6-8PM for dynamic worship, games and fellowship, and powerful times in the Word. Our LIFEGroups meet by age and gender after our large group time on Wednesday evenings.

We offer opportunities for student leadership, retreats, events, mission opportunities, and community engagement.

Our Pastor of Student Ministries

Jim and Heather began serving Alliance Youth in 2013. They believe strongly that the King is coming, the Kingdom is here, and this generation is leading the way for His return. They were married in 2009 and have three children, and enjoying sharing their lives with the students of LAC.

Our Middle School Director

Yodahe and Katie Getachew. Besides hanging out with middle schoolers, I love to play music, sing and eat food. I am married to Katie Getachew and live in Atlanta, GA. We love being able to serve the middle school boys and girls by discipling and equipping them with the Word of God. 

Got questions?

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